With excellent video content and planning,
Win/Win’s clients successfully
communicate their message.

Serving clients in the Chicago area and beyond, Win/Win Productions guides them through the production process to help them create video with the quality and budget that achieves their goals.


Our ideal clients are not from any particular industry. Rather, they are those with a forward-thinking attitude toward their marketing and advertising. They want to get all that they can out of their web presence and advertising budgets, and use professional, high-quality imagery to do it. They know that video can be a powerful tool, and they don’t want to come across poorly by using low-quality or confusing content.

Make your video interesting to watch, efficient to produce, and focused on the right message. We’ll help you think your project through and then produce it with excellence. Check out our work below and then contact us today. We’d enjoy helping you make a good impression with video!

  • “I came to Robb with a tall order. Our company’s annual Kickoff Meeting was a month away, and we wanted to show our managers and vendors a video of our new state-of-the-art distribution center in Elgin, Illinois. On top of the very aggressive timeline, I was based in Dallas… I had never been to the Elgin facility… I only had a basic understanding of its new features… and I had never worked on a video project like this before.

    Despite all these obstacles, Robb and his crew did an amazing job. They told a terrific visual story of the new DC with creative and engaging footage. Plus they were extremely patient as I made tweaks to the interview script and the shot list on the fly to make sure we covered all our talking points. The net result was a 6-minute video that exceeded all our expectations. Stylistically, it was unlike anything we had ever had made, and it was a big hit at our meeting. Once people started asking me if they could show the video to potential clients and board meetings, I realized that Robb had not just delivered a great video, but a very useful sales tool for our company.

    Even though FleetPride is a Texas company, I really hope our company gets another chance to work with Robb and Win/Win Productions. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in the Chicago area who is looking for any kind of professional video production.”

    Jamie DeVriend – Operation Communications Manager, FleetPride

  • “Over the years we’ve built a wonderful partnership with Robb Emmett. His work is consistently creative and high quality. His vision and expertise in the video production field exceeds our expectations every time. Robb is always willing to work through ideas and understand exactly what’s needed to make the project a success.”

    Kaeli Elisco – Director of Research Operations, EnsembleIQ

  • “…my company hired Robb to produce 60 minutes of video and audio content for a training video. Robb had the great idea to film the video in short clips so that each clip could be used individually online. He also edited the clips into one continuous video we used for a client. He can re-edit the individual videos into a different continuous video, depending on the needs of the client. The video looks and sounds great. We are very pleased, and proud, to show this video to clients. It is really well done. Thank you Robb.”

    Joe Crimmins – President, Serve and Protect, LLC

  • “Robb is a true pro in everything he does. He’s creative, thorough, and a communication visionary who can translate stories to video with professionalism and flair. I had the pleasure of working with him on a commercial, and was impressed at how he elevated a humble script to something special with his vision and editing skills. I always look forward to seeing Robb’s final product because I know it will be outstanding…and it always is!”

    Karen Dix – Owner, Big Ideas Writing