FleetPride opened a new distribution center in Elgin, IL. We used two-camera interviews, drone and time-lapse footage, and Ronin M gimbal shots to show the size and coordination of this impressive facility.

Here is what FleetPride had to say when it was done:

“I came to Robb with a tall order. Our company’s annual Kickoff Meeting was a month away, and we wanted to show our managers and vendors a video of our new state-of-the-art distribution center in Elgin, Illinois. On top of the very aggressive timeline, I was based in Dallas… I had never been to the Elgin facility… I only had a basic understanding of its new features… and I had never worked on a video project like this before.

Despite all these obstacles, Robb and his crew did an amazing job. They told a terrific visual story of the new DC with creative and engaging footage. Plus they were extremely patient as I made tweaks to the interview script and the shot list on the fly to make sure we covered all our talking points. The net result was a 6-minute video that exceeded all our expectations. Stylistically, it was unlike anything we had ever had made, and it was a big hit at our meeting. Once people started asking me if they could show the video to potential clients and board meetings, I realized that Robb had not just delivered a great video, but a very useful sales tool for our company.

Even though FleetPride is a Texas company, I really hope our company gets another chance to work with Robb and Win/Win Productions. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in the Chicago area who is looking for any kind of professional video production.”

Jamie DeVriend
Operation Communications Manager at FleetPride